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GRAPHISOFT training.

Learn one of the most powerful BIM software in the industry.

Our training courses.

We are ARCHICAD experts in the industry and an Authorized GRAPHISOFT Distribution Partner.

That's right, we are giving ARCHICAD 20 training lessons for free to all architects, designers, engineers and anyone who wants to learn how to use one of the most important BIM applications on the market.


Autodesk Revit is obviously a very good tool, however, ARCHICAD is the second most widely used BIM application behind Revit. 


In this new age of BIM technology, learning to use multiple applications is not only important to anyone who is interested in BIM but soon it will become a necessity. 

ARCHICAD essentials.

Our free Essentials course has been designed by experts for anyone new to ARCHICAD. No matter what your background, ARCHICAD Essentials Training gives you the confidence to work on projects immediately.


This course introduces you to the principles of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and shows you positive and productive ways of using the latest version of ARCHICAD. Not only will it equip you with the knowledge and confidence to use the program efficiently, but it will also include a mixture of instructions, exercises, discussions, and assessments to help trainees understand BIM and develop skills in ARCHICAD.

ARCHICAD Essentials
2 hrs
ARCHICAD intermediate.

Our Intermediate 6-session course has been designed by experts for anyone with a knowledge of the latest version of ARCHICAD who wishes to increase their understanding of the tools and facilities provided by the software, which was not initially covered in the Essentials course.​​

Filled with tips and tricks, it will show you the most productive ways to use all ARCHICAD’s tools. It will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to use the program quickly and effectively.

The course will also show you how to get the most from ARCHICAD and the Building Information Model and the importance of establishing Office standards and procedures.

ARCHICAD Intermediate.
12 hrs.
ARCHICAD productivity WS

Our Productivity course is a 1-day intensive workshop designed by experts for anyone with an understanding of the latest version of ARCHICAD, who wishes to develop extensive knowledge of all the tools and facilities provided by the software.


These courses are designed to help attendees develop a detailed knowledge of specific areas of BIM and ARCHICAD. This will further assist an organization to get the maximum possible benefits from their use of ARCHICAD.


*Discounts available for groups of 10 or more attendees. Free up to 2 people with a purchase of a single license ARCHICAD 20. Please email us for more information.

ARCHICAD Productivity | WS
8 hrs.

Upon completion of each course, the candidate will receive a certificate indicating the completion of the course. This candidate will then qualify to take the exam in order to obtain the Professional GRAPHISOFT's Online Test based on various types and disciplines. 

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